Close up of two people's hands exchanging a credit card

Fee Schedule

Official Checks

Item Cost
Customer $5.00
Non-Customer $10.00

Travelers Express Money Orders

Item Cost
Customer $2.50
Non-Customer $5.00

Night Deposit Bags

Item Cost
Zipper Lock Bag
Zipper Non-Lock


Item Cost
Replacement Card $10.00
Replacement PIN $5.00
Dormant Account Fee (Monthly)
An account is dormant if for one year (checking) or three years (savings)
You have made no deposits or withdrawals to the account.
Deposited check returned unpaid $4.50
Nonsufficient Funds (NSF) item each
Nonsufficient Funds ATM Withdrawal
Nonsufficient Funds ACH (Preauthorized Withdrawal)
Excessive Overdrafts(per day after 5 consecutive business days)
Check+Plus (Overdraft Protection)Annually
Account Activity Printout
Account Research (Per hour-1/2 hr. min)
Account Balance Assistance (per hour)
Stop Payment (All Items)
Stop Payment ACH (Preauthorized Payments)
Photocopies (per page)
Wire Transfers-incoming and outgoing
International Wires-Outgoing
Safe Deposit Box Rent (Annually)
Collection Items
Telephone Transfer Request
Notary Service- Non Customer
Garnishment or Levy
Debit Card Chargeback
Hot Card Fee
Close Account $10.00